2020 Fall School Reopening Plans

Welcome back, and to our new families, welcome to Saint Hilary School. We are pleased to share our updated Reopening Plan/Distance Learning Guidelines to begin the Fall 2020 Trimester. We are thrilled that our plan not only meets Saint Hilary’s standard of academic excellence but also includes dedicated time each week to support our students’ spiritual, emotional, and social well-being. Like most educational institutions across the country, we are eager to return to in-person instruction, but our primary objective, now and always, is the health and safety of our Saint Hilary community.

On August 25th, Saint Hilary School started the school year using our proven and successful Distance Learning Program. Our decision is based on the guidelines from the Saint Hilary School Reopening Task Force and the mandates provided by the California Department of Health, Marin Department of Health and Human Services, Marin County Office of Education, and the SF Archdiocese Department of Catholic Schools.

As we continue to navigate the unique challenges that this pandemic has created, we remain grateful for the continued support from our families, faculty, and staff. We remain committed to providing an exceptional education rooted in spiritual formation, academic excellence, and social development for all our students whether we are on campus or online.

Below you will find information about our general principles, and our distance learning program, along with helpful community resource links. Please check back regularly as we will continue to post updates and information as it becomes available.

SHS Guiding Principles

Distance Learning Program

SHS Parent Portal Resources

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SHS Guiding Principles

The ability to mitigate the risks for exposure to the Coronavirus is an important priority for Saint Hilary School, and our school facilities, schedule, and activities have been modified to ensure the safety of our campus. We have followed the following guiding principles while creating our plans for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Safeguarding the health and well-being of our entire community
  • Fostering and building our faith-filled community of students, educators, and families
  • Nurturing the Whole Child by emphasizing social-emotional learning
  • Advancing our mission of academic excellence

As we look to the new school year, our Catholic community will continue to work together, learn together and embrace the valuable lessons from these past few months to reinforce our commitment to the Gospel values, to academic excellence, and most importantly, to each other.

Click here to learn more about the Saint Hilary School 2020 School Reopening Plan.

Distance Learning Program

Saint Hilary School rolled out a well-orchestrated distance learning program when the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2019. This fall, Saint Hilary has enhanced its program by providing new tools, professional development for our educators, new learning class sites, and revised class schedules.

Please note that our distance learning program is designed to provide synchronous instruction balanced with asynchronous tools. Our program ensures that Saint Hilary School consistently:

  • Continues to provide the rigorous curriculum and educational content
  • Selects only the highest quality tools for educator and student use
  • Ensures lessons are interactive, engaging
  • Allows for 1:1 guidance remotely
  • Builds and foster educator-student relationships remotely

While the upcoming trimester will begin with 100% online instruction, our students will never be alone. Each day our students will engage in synchronous learning: real-time with their teachers. Our teachers will employ a variety of established and new online tools and resources to continue to provide innovative and creative curriculum in a rigorous, yet supportive, educational environment.

Our distance learning program provides a full school day of learning for our students:

  • 5 days/week synchronous learning (teacher instructed)
  • Asynchronous learning activities (student independent work/activities/special projects)
  • Teacher 1:1 support
  • Flexible Friday for additional core subjects/enrichment classes/teacher support
  • Daily guided video instruction via Zoom Pro and SeeSaw
  • 1:1 iPad program
  • Individual learning hubs per grade 
  • Enhanced online learning tools 
  • Online spiritual formation and support
  • Virtual social activities and events

Our goal is to ensure that our students remain engaged, excited learners!

Please click here to learn more about the Saint Hilary School Distance Learning Program.

Click here to read Tips to Creating a Healthy Distance Learning Space for Your Student.

Please read our Zoom Class Expectations and Rules here.

Learning Pods

Saint Hilary School received a waiver from the State of California Public Health Officials to allow small learning groups to come onto campus for a distance learning support program to help our families during these difficult times.  Starting Monday, September 14th, SHS will host Learning Pods to assist families who have returned to work full-time, have childcare challenges, students with learning difficulties, or students with distance learning challenges.  These small groups will consist of 14 students per pod, held within a designated, sanitized, and disinfected classrooms, monitored by an SHS staff member. These learning pods will take place during normal school hours.  All COVID-19 health and safety protocols are in place to mitigate potential risks to students.  This program will stay in effect until guidelines from the CDC, State of California Public Health or Marin County Department of Health are modified. 

When it is safe and we are given approval for on-campus, in-person instruction, we will move slowly and cautiously to transition our student body back onto campus in a phased manner over the course of a multi-week period. The safety and health of our Saint Hilary community is the highest priority in our plan. We will begin with our lower grades starting with K - 2 grades.

SHS Parent Portal Resources

Your SHS Parent Portal has a wealth of information. Once logged into your Parent Portal, you will find links to, the following items on the Home section of your dashboard, under School Links and Files in the sub-folder 20-21 School Reopening:

  • SHS 2020 School Reopening Plan
  • Covid-19 Safety Plan
  • SHS Handbook Addendum
  • Drop-off Procedures 
  • Learning Sites

Please note that each individual grades’ distance learning plans will appear on your student’s classroom page. Click here to log in to your Parent Portal.

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