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With Spring in the air at Saint Hilary, we are excited to send out our admission acceptance letters to our upcoming class of Kindergartners. We also cheer the success of our Class of 2015 as they recently received their high school acceptance letters, many with honors distinction. Principal Bordeleau also recently presented the school's 5-year plan, to sustain and propel Saint Hilary to new levels of success with a model of continuous improvement. In this issue, we highlight Saint Hilary's Math 5 - 8th grade teacher, Claire Potter, and Alumni, Lindsy Ward. Happy Spring!

Principal's Corner
Challenging Success

In February 2015, Principal Marie Bordeleau presented Saint Hilary's 5-year plan. As a 21st century learning community, Saint Hilary is dedicated towards the pursuit of academic excellence, community, spirituality, and financial stewardship.

To maintain and develop the school's strong Catholic identity in order to ensure it is visible through physical symbols on campus and via the actions of community members; sustain and propel Saint Hilary to new levels of success with a model of continuous improvement. The goals of the plan are:

  1. Offer a curriculum that has rigorous standards that appropriately challenge students of a variety of learning needs;
  2. Provide the technology tools that are utilized to enhance student learning, ensure efficient, professional school operations, and strong communications  between all stakeholders; and
  3. Provide facilities and resources that create a safe and effective learning environment.

Tactically, the plan focuses on seven attributes that provide a framework for Saint Hilary to be effective: attendance, academics, attitude, acts of faith and service, athletics, arts, and activities.

Saint Hilary intends to provide an academically rigorous program that is focused, coherent, and appropriately challenging. Saint Hilary is dedicated towards providing students a program that pushes each of them beyond what is easy, support them to engage in the challenge with which they've been presented, and balance times of challenge with reflection, community, and prayer. All of this is honoring the need to support the whole child and his/her academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional growth.

Saint Hilary has already accomplished some of its initial academic goals of establishing a more consistent class schedule for the students, as well as enhancing the Junior High Enrichment Program. Based on the outcomes our our work with Stanford's Challenge Success program, the adjustments should reduce student stress, maximize student learning time in the classroom, and increase student engagement. Junior High students will have the opportunity to choose new enrichment options that include a Spanish, Fine Arts, and Resource options. Additional goals are to align the Math curriculum to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and review the Math Specialist role. Ms. Bordeleau announced that Betsy Shelton will be the 3rd and 4th grade Math teacher while supporting students in 5th-7th grade Math class.  The English Language Arts curriculum will be aligned with CCSS next year. Regarding technology, the faculty and staff developed Saint Hilary's classroom of the future by creating a flexible, reliable, and sustainable plan, which leverages technology, such as Beehively, Google drive and classroom. The faculty has established a taskforce to develop a healthy, balanced life that looks to draft plans for campus service projects, enrich mentoring programs, and enhance recess and physical education.

The excellence of Saint Hilary's academic program is also enhanced by the active participation of its families. The school has an active and supportive community with parent volunteers and school and parish-wide community building events that promote a trust and camaraderie within the community that enables Saint Hilary to educate its students at the highest level. Saint Hilary intends to develop a student learning survey and develop a plan and implement adjustments based on these results, as well as review the activities of the buddies program, and focus on the leadership skills taught and practiced on the student council.  Parents are encouraged to increase their interaction with the launch of quarterly "coffee talks" with the principal and parent education opportunities.

Saint Hilary has been working diligently to raise communications between its stakeholders and increase marketing. Communication is essential to interactions with students, parents, and community, which has and should continue to be enhanced with the implementation of the learning management system, Beehively. The system includes a new website, as well as online grades for parents and students. The new system enriches our marketing and advancement strategies for Saint Hilary.

The goal for Saint Hilary is to provide a learning environment centered on teaching students to embrace the Gospel message, living it in their daily interaction with one another, and loving one another as Jesus loves them. The moral and character development of Saint Hilary students is an integral part of the education. Beyond strong academics, Saint Hilary prides itself on the types of young people that Saint Hilary students become. Over the course of the decade that a child attends Saint Hilary, the school helps to establish a solid foundation built on compassion, love, and justice that will guide them for the rest of their lives. To that end, Saint Hilary plans to articulate the role of the religion coordinator and evaluate the teaching religion curriculum for future development.

Finally, careful management of the school's financial resources is required so that programs are sustainable. With feedback from appropriate stakeholders it is the responsibility of the parish leadership to be responsible stewards of the school financial resources. The school is fundamentally sound, however, over the next few years, the enrollment goal is 270 with class sizes of 27-30. By using our existing common space and opening the learning center, as well as addressing areas of need, including the K-2 yard, Lydon Hall and extended care renovation, we will maximize our space more efficiently.

If you have any questions or feedback on the 5 year plan, please contact Principal Marie Bordeleau at

Alumni Profiles
Lindsy Ward

Lindsy Ward summed up her Saint Hilary experience beautifully by saying she would not be the same person had she not attended and worked at Saint Hilary. Lindsy graduated from Saint Hilary and later worked at the school for ten years before recently leaving to work at another Catholic school, Saint Anselm, in San Anselmo, California. In fact, between her academic and working years at Saint Hilary, Lindsy has spent much of her life at Saint Hilary. It's clear that Saint Hilary not only had a significant impact on her, but she also had a big impact at Saint Hilary and on its students, faculty and staff. Lindsy was award the Distinguished Alumni Award last year.

Lindsy grew up in the Saint Hilary neighborhood and felt the strong sense of community that surrounded the school. While at Saint Hilary she played CYO volleyball and won the eighth grade Spirit Award. After Saint Hilary, Lindsy attended Marin Catholic High School and then the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she majored in Sociology and minored in Business. She always felt like Saint Hilary was her second home and almost immediately after graduating from college, she returned to Saint Hilary as a fourth grade aide. Over the next ten years, Lindsy would also teach fourth grade science, serve as the second grade aide and eventually the fourth and five grade aide before moving to Saint Anselm.

Lindsy recalls her amazing Saint Hilary teachers and best friends she made while attending school. One of Lindsy's favorite memories is of Saint Hilary's buddy program. She was so excited to have buddies that by eighth grade, Lindsy had four buddies. She enjoyed mentoring the younger kids, which instilled in her the desire to work with children. Her warmth and friendliness continues to radiate at Saint Anselm, where she gets to work not only with students, but also their families. She also reflects how important a Catholic upbringing was to her and continues to have strong faith, and enjoys seeing the younger children at Saint Anselm discover their own path towards faith and apply it to their lives.

Teacher Profiles
Ms. Claire Potter

A home-grown Marinite, Claire Potter attended Granada Elementary School, Del Mar Middle School, and Redwood High School, before traveling across the bay to the University of California, Berkeley. As a Pure Math Major (yes, there is such a thing!), Ms. Potter always wanted to be a teacher, which she has done with passion since arriving at Saint Hilary seventeen years ago. She has also earned her single-subject Math teaching credential. At Saint Hilary, Ms. Potter teaches 5 - 8 grade Math. She enjoys having the same students for four years as it allows her the opportunity to really know her students and their parents. Ms. Potter not only ensures Saint Hilary's Math curriculum is in-line with current standards, but also ensures students are well prepared to be successful in high school.

Ms. Potter emphasizes a core philosophy that focuses on students' understanding of concepts, instead of teaching rules and procedures. Ms. Potter's core philosophy is:

  • Children learn better when they discover for themselves, which encourages students to formulate their own generalizations and concepts, which enables them to identify relationships and apply their understanding to new applications;
  • Design lessons to discover Math. Through cooperative and individual investigations and problem solving, students discover Math. While rules are not dictated, Ms. Potter ensures students are fluent in their Math concepts. Ms. Potter creates a supportive and caring learning environment so students feel safe to explore and express themselves;
  • Ms. Potter is a facilitator. She guides students so that they attach meaning to what they do, so that they will understand it, and be able to apply it and retain it. The emphasis is on developing critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills; and
  • Finally, it's important for students to have an enriched curriculum in order that they have a complete, valuable, and enjoyable Math experience.

Ms. Potter philosophy has remained consistent and continues to be applicable even as classroom technology becomes more prevalent and standards change. Classroom technology has transitioned from blackboards and whiteboards to overhead projectors, document cameras, smartboards, Apple TV and iPads. Ms. Potter views technology as a tool that increases teaching efficiencies and enables more communications and interactions. The adoption of new classroom technologies eliminates the need to reproduce materials and provides greater opportunity for students to share their work or learning processes.

Similarly, Ms. Potter's philosophy is applicable as standards evolve. In fact, Ms. Potter participates on the Archdiocese's Math Committee, which works to align the Archdiocese of San Francisco Math curriculum with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and has developed the Archdiocese's benchmark assessments. She is the Marin Math Coach for grades 6 - 8 and works to ensure teachers receive the proper professional development implementing the CCSS.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015 on their Admissions to the following High Schools

The Bay School
The Branson School
Sir Francis Drake High School
Marin Academy
Marin Catholic High School
Redwood High School
San Domenico School
Saint Ignatius College Preparatory
St. Teresa High School (Kansas City, MO)
Stuart Hall High School

Support Saint Hilary

We are deeply grateful for the many ways we receive support from alumni. If you haven't supported Saint Hilary recently, please consider the many ways you can get involved. Would you like to come back and speak to the students about your interesting work? Let us know!

Saint Hilary faculty and guests at the "James Bond" Gala in March at The Corinthian.

Come Support CYO Sports
With Basketball Done, its Time for Golf, Soccer and Track and Field

We are proud of our 6th grade boys B basketball team, who went undefeated in the league!

It's time for Golf and Girls Soccer. Track and Field also started in April with the first meet April 26th, 2015 at Terra Linda High School. We wish all athletes success and we hope to have some great pictures for you in our summer newsletter from these sporting events.

Saint Hilary Happenings

15Annual Saint Hilary CYO Golf Tournament
16Teddy Bear Tea
22Saint Hilary Talent Show
18th Grade Graduation Ceremony
4Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Don't forget to share your special memories with us, whether they be of teachers, friends, liturgies or Spelling Bees. Keep in touch through the Alumni Form on the website, let us know what you're up to and what support we can provide for your own alumni gatherings. As we continue to build our email list, please encourage fellow SHS graduates to send us their email so we can keep them informed. Saint Hilary continues to thrive because of our many supporters and we hope to continue to be a resource for our alumni, long after you've left campus.


Lisa Handley
Saint Hilary School

Winter 2014

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Welcome - Office of Development

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What's New at Saint Hilary

Congratulations Class of 2010

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Happy New Year Alumni,

We want to introduce you to our alumni newsletter. We intend to keep you up-to-date regarding new faculty and staff, student activities, facility enhancements, as well as upcoming events. We also want to highlight our alumni and the interesting lives they're living. Of course, we want your help. If you know interesting alumni to profile please let us know. We have a good distribution list, but is certainly not complete. Alumni may be added to the Saint Hilary Alumni Newsletter distribution list by clicking the "Join our Mailing List" button on the upper left side of this newsletter or you may email our Admissions and Development Director, Lisa Handley, at

Office of Development

I'm so pleased to be back here at my alma mater to support the amazing school that we all know and love--our beloved Saint Hilary. We hope this Alumni Newsletter will be fun, engaging and a good resource for you. Whether your memories are from the 1970s or the 2000s, rest assured that Saint Hilary continues its tradition of providing a wonderful education, both academic and ethical, for its many generations of students. The campus and faces have changed, but the values remain constant and we welcome you back to campus any time!

Share with us your special memories, whether they be of teachers, friends, liturgies or Spelling Bees. Keep in touch through the Alumni Form on the website, let us know what you're up to and what support we can provide for your own alumni gatherings. As we continue to build our email list, please encourage fellow SHS graduates to send us their email so we can keep them informed. Saint Hilary continues to thrive because of our many supporters and we hope to continue to be a resource for our alumni, long after you've left campus. We are proud and grateful for the many students who have passed through the doors and wish you a blessed New Year with your loved ones.

Lisa Devitt Handley '90
Admissions and Development Director

Meet Saint Hilary's New Principal
Introducing Marie Bordeleau

Ms. Bordeleau began as the school's principal at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. She came to Saint Hilary with over 14 years of teaching and school administration experience. She most recently served as the principal of Saint Leo the Great School in San Jose, California.

But just who is Marie Bordeleau? Marie was born in Salt Lake City, but also lived in Idaho and Oregon before moving with her family to Saratoga, CA. She is a lifelong Catholic and attended Catholic school from Kindergarten through graduate school. After graduating from Archbishop Mitty High School (San Jose) in 1995 she went on to attend the University of Portland where she earned her B.A. in History and her Master of Arts in Teaching. She taught 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies for seven years. During that time she earned her Master's in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University. She served as vice principal of Saint Simon Parish School for two years and principal of Saint Leo the Great School for five years. While Ms. Bordeleau was ready for a new challenge, she remain committed to Catholic education.

She found what she was looking for at Saint Hilary. Saint Hilary not only provided a strong academic foundation, but also gave her the opportunity to utilize skills that will enable the school to grow in new areas. She is "excited to be part of a school that understands what it's like to be a complete package for the student around the core curriculum plus music, sports, and services."

Ms. Bordeleau is a firm believer that a Catholic education instills the value of spirituality. "Enriching the lives of her students through the values of love, service, and faith in God, enables kids to understand that there is something greater than themselves." Service is an important aspect of Saint Hilary's education. Participating in purposeful and meaningful service enables them to have a better understanding about being of service to others as adults.

She believes education needs to be innovative, collaborative, and adaptive in order to educate kids and prepare them for the world. In order to accomplish her goals, Ms. Bordeleau works closely with her faculty and staff, the Parent Advisory Board, Father Brown, and Father Roger and the parish to put together a strategic plan that represents a collective vision for the school. She would like to take strong core academic foundation and further integrate extra programs into the students' educational experience in order to create a more balanced student with a more consistent academic day. She wants to ensure that the things that make Saint Hilary unique, such as these extra programs and service remain strong and visible.

Ms. Bordeleau has enjoyed getting to know Saint Hilary and its history and is looking forward to being part of the school's future. She highlighted that Saint Hilary is a great home for her on a professional level and great home for her kindergarten son on a personal level. Ms. Bordeleau is proud to be the principal of Saint Hilary.

You can connect with Ms. Bordeleau via email at

Alumni Profiles
Columbus and Trinity Leonard

Bus (short for Columbus) and Trinity Leonard attended Saint Hilary from Kindergarten through Grade 8, graduating in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Bus went on to Saint Ignatius College Preparatory then on to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he studied Environmental Engineering. Post MIT, Bus currently works as a Staff Engineer for ChemCo Systems in Redwood City, CA. Notably, ChemCo is owned by the father of Saint Hilary Alumni Rayna and Eric Eisenhut. While Bus fondly remembers his time as Saint Hilary and playing CYO basketball, he also established strong relationships with his classmates. The small classes coupled with the fact that students often spend Kindergarten through Grade 8 together better equipped him to maintain relationships.

Trinity Leonard also attended Saint Ignatius then went on to MIT where she studied Environmental Engineering. While at MIT, Trinity was co-captain of the varsity women's volleyball team. During her college summer breaks, she worked as a staff member at Trinity Mountain Meadow Resort in the Trinity Alps. Following graduation from MIT, Trinity worked in Santiago, Chile at Fundacion Chile where she worked on the SuizAgua water footprint project. Since returning to the Bay area, Trinity has joined Bus at ChemCo Systems in Redwood City and volunteers at the U.S. Geological Survey. Looking back at her time at Saint Hilary, Trinity has fond memories of her time in Ms. Potter's Math class. Trinity and her brother have also found the Giving Tree Party a great opportunity to reconnect with Saint Hilary friends and faculty and look forward to attending the special event for many years to come.

Genevieve and Justin Roja

Genevieve graduated from Saint Hilary in 1990 and went on to Saint Ignatius and then to Santa Clara University, where she studied Journalism. While at Santa Clara, she worked on the staff of the school's newspaper, The Santa Clara, and was awarded the Shipsey Journalism Award. Post-graduation, Genevieve worked at the Breast Cancer Fund, but began event planning as a side business. Her side business developed into her sustainable event production company, Lily Spruce, which she formally launched in 2009. Genevieve designs, manages and oversees large scale events such as weddings and nonprofit fundraisers. She helped plan the 50th anniversary in 2013 for Saint Hilary. Genevieve reflects that the seeds of her current business were fostered early on at Saint Hilary. A parishioner noticed her artistic skills and gave her a calligraphy set, which she used to design the place cards for a Valentine's Day Dinner. While at Saint Hilary, Genevieve served on Student Council as Publicity Officer and illustrated the fliers for the school's continental breakfasts, Sock Hop, and various school events by hand. Genevieve knows that all of this early exposure to using her artistic skills helps her today in running her business. While at Saint Hilary, " Sr. Martin had a huge effect" on her in 6th grade, which bolstered her creativity. Genevieve lives with her husband, Derek in Bernal Heights.

Justin graduated from Saint Hilary in 1992. After graduating. Justin moved on to Saint Ignatius, then graduated with a degree in Public Policy, Management, and Urban Planning from the University of Southern California. While in college, Justin embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and created, a tech company that specialized in helping college students find housing. Placing his entrepreneurial aspirations on hold briefly, Justin worked for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, the 34th America's Cup, the SF Chamber of Commerce, and as a lobbyist for Ground Floor Public Affairs. In his spare time, he's planned social and philanthropic events, raising over $50,000 to various charities, leading to another career in event promotion, marketing, and hospitality. More recently, Justin opened Redford Bar | Eat in 2013 near Union Square in San Francisco and opened a fitness studio in June of 2014 named Barry's Bootcamp (the first franchisee in Northern California) with another San Francisco location slated to open in the fall of 2015. Justin highlights that Saint Hilary had a profound effect on becoming a leader in his endeavors. "Saint Hilary's has taught me the importance of being kind, respectful, hard-working, and humble. I was a transfer student half way in to Kindergarten, so making friends was not the easiest. Rory Carroll, who I'm still friends with today, shared his lunch with me on my first day of school, and that was one of the first acts of true kindness I'd ever experienced. I carry that memory with me always".

What's New at Saint Hilary
Check out our facilities

Have you been back to campus recently? If not, you might not be familiar with the amazing renovations that concluded in 2004 during the Capital Campaign that included the building of Tarantino Hall, a Junior High, Science lab, and gymnasium. We feel so blessed to have such amazing facilities.

Our gymnasium hosts our Catholic Youth Organization sports and most school activities like the Elocution Contest, Junior High dances, daily morning assembly, faculty/Grade 8 volleyball games, and school fundraisers.

Our high school-grade Science lab includes all the latest lab equipment, with doors that open onto to terrace when animal dissections get a little smelly. Ms. Ransom enjoys using the pull-down white boards for instruction.

This summer we also completed building a new Resource Learning Room which allows for private and quiet, one-on-one Language Arts instruction for students in Kindergarten - Grade 4.

If you have not stopped by the Saint Hilary campus in a while, please come back and visit our new facilities, say hi to your former teachers, and meet the new principal, faculty, and staff. Please contact Lisa Handley via email,, or by phone at (415) 937-5523 to schedule a visit.

Saint Hilary is an Apple Distinguished School

Saint Hilary School is the proud recipient of the Apple Distinguished Program, a special designation reserved for educational organizations that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership and for programs that integrate Apple technology in education and meet best practices: visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, ongoing professional learning, compelling evidence of success, and a flexible learning environment.

Saint Hilary School's Technology Program's innovative integration of technology engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic accomplishment. The school's Technology Program supports the way students live and how they want to learn. Saint Hilary has a 1:1 iPad program for students in Grades 3-8 featuring class specific applications and iPad and computing centers for Kindergarten. All the classrooms have wireless connectivity to display student projects and presentations from their iPads.

Twice a year, Saint Hilary presents how the school uses tech in the classrooms to educators around the world. This Fall we welcomed educators and Apple professionals from as far away as Australia, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and the UK to learn about the innovative ways we are using mobile learning and technology every day here at SHS. Teachers stepped aside as students led the demonstrations and provided tours for our special visitors. It was a great day of collaboration and idea sharing!

Congratulations to the Class of 2010 on their College Choices

  • Boston College
  • California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
  • Chapman University
  • College of Marin
  • Elon University
  • Gonzaga University
  • Harvard University
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Pacific University
  • Pomona College
  • Santa Barbara City College
  • Santa Clara University
  • Southern Oregon University
  • University of Alabama
  • University of California at Berkeley
  • University of California at Davis
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Villanova University
  • Whitman College

Saint Hilary Distinguished Catholic School Graduate Award
Now Accepting Nominations for 2014

Each year the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) honors the achievements of Catholic elementary school graduates throughout the United States. The NCEA's Distinguished Graduate Award is given in recognition of an alumni member who has made significant to American society and/or the Catholic Church which reflects favorably on the education that person received at his or her Catholic Elementary School. This award celebrates Saint Hilary School's legacy for providing a superior catholic education - an education that focuses on the academic, spiritual and community development of our youth.

We are now accepting nominations for our 2014-year recipients. Please participate by sending in your nominations by March 15, 2014.
For the Distinguished Graduate Awards, the following guidelines apply with respect to nominations:

  • Must have been a graduate of Saint Hilary School
  • Must have graduated at least 10 years ago
  • Must have made some significant contributions to our society and to the Catholic Church, which reflects favorably on the education the person received at Saint Hilary School.

Please complete this form and send to:

Email: Or Mail to:
Saint Hilary School
c/o Distinguished Graduate Award
765 Hilary Drive
Tiburon, CA 94920

Support Saint Hilary

We are deeply grateful for the many ways we receive support from alumni. If you haven't supported Saint Hilary recently please consider the many ways you can get involved. We always appreciate financial support, through tax deductible gifts to the Angel Fund, but are also happy to receive gifts from alumni through your service to the school, in-kind donations, and your professional expertise. We would also highlight that many businesses offer matching gift programs. It is through the generosity of the many generations of Saint Hilary supporters that we are able to provide an exceptional 21 century Catholic education and we hope you will join us in continuing the tradition.

For support with alumni events, email To ensure we have your correct information, be sure to complete the Alumni Form.

Saint Hilary Happenings
Alumni please come out and participate

Saint Hilary has many holiday events alumni can attend:

10Mill Valley Fun Run and Health and Wellness Fair
12College Football Championship -Tarantino Hall
22Saint Vincent de Paul R.E.S.T Dinner - Parish
24Teddy Bear Tea
25-31Catholic Schools Week
25Open House
31Crab Feed - Tarantino Hall
1Compass House - Parish
1Super Bowl - Tarantino Hall
20Father/Daughter Dance
1Family House - Parish
8Children's Book Project - Parish
21Annual Saint Hilary Auction


Lisa Handley
Saint Hilary School