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If you are interested in making a recurring payment for the 2018-2019 school year, please note that your last payment must be made by June 30, 2019.

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What is the Angel Fund?

The Saint Hilary School Annual Angel Fund was created as an alternative to increasing base tuition and to serve as a means to offset rising educational costs. The Angel Fund is an annual campaign intended to supplement the difference—or bridge the gap—between tuition revenue and the actual cost of educating each student. Since its formation, the Angel Fund has played a key role in helping our school advance its educational curriculum while maintaining minimal tuition increases from year to year.

How does the Angel Fund benefit my child's education?

The cost to educate our children exceeds our annual tuition revenue. Each year, funds raised by the Angel Fund are allocated to high priority areas fulfilling our school's mission to strive for excellence in academics, community and spirituality—educating the whole child.

Funds raised by the Angel Fund support programs including the following key areas:

  • Fine Arts, Music and Language programs
  • Resource, Reading, and Math specialists
  • Inquiry-based curriculum programs
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Differentiated learning programs to support individual students' learning needs

How does it work?

Saint Hilary School requests each family to make a voluntary contribution to the Angel Fund. In recent years, the requested amount has been $1,700 per student. Families are encouraged to meet or, if possible, exceed the requested donation amount per student.

Our goal is 100% participation from all families in 100 days. Your gift to the Angel Fund is a wonderful way, as a member of our community, to continue to build a rigorous academic environment with strong faith formation for our children.

For more information, contact Amy Wu at  or Patrick Higby at If you’d like to donate by check, please make check payable to, "Saint Hilary School Angel Fund".

IMPORTANT – Many companies match employee donations, please inquire if you are eligible with your employer. To learn more about matching, see Corporate Matching.

How does the new tax law affect my gift to the school?

Naturally, each family should consult with their tax adviser, however, there are a few broad understandings that we can confirm:

  • There were no changes made to charitable giving and families can still explore the value of itemizing in the same way as they did before.
  • The new law may potentially encourage more giving given that the law reduces business taxes as well as capital gains taxes for individuals.The marriage penalty tax was removed and new deductions for new business start-ups were added.
  • Finally, philanthropic research consistently reports that tax incentives are usually the last reason that inspires a person to give. The merit of the cause is still the driving reason for why people give.