Bus Information

We are proud to announce our new private bus service for Saint Hilary School families.

Our goal is to provide our families with a private bus option that is safe, comfortable, and punctual. As with all new programs we may adjust the schedule as the initial months unfold.


If you are coming from Sausalito or Marin City, here are some options to connect to the Saint Hilary School bus at the Mill Valley depot:

Use Marin Transit Route 17 ($1 per ride)

  1. Marin City (Donahue and Temers) 7:08 AM
  2. Manzanita (Park and Ride) 7:13 AM

Transfer to the Saint Hilary Bus at Miller Depot in Mill Valley

Regular School Day Schedule

Pick Up LocationTimeDrop Off Time
  Depart SHS 3:10 pm
Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael7:05 am4:15 pm
Corte Madera Town Center
(Tamalpais/Casa Buena)
7:15 am3:45 pm
Mill Valley Depot
(Miller Ave and Sunnyside)
7:25 am3:30 pm
The Cove
(Union 76 Station)
7:40 am3:20 pm
Arrive SHS 7:50-7:55 am  

Early Dismissal Day Schedule

Pick Up Location


Drop Off Time



Depart SHS 12:30 pm

Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael

7:05 am

1:30 – 1:34 pm

Corte Madera Town Center (Tamalpais/Casa Buena)

7:15 am

1:10 – 1:15 pm

Mill Valley Depot
(Miller Ave and Sunnyside)

7:25 am

 12:50 - 12:55 pm

The Cove
(Union 76 Station)

7:40 am

12:35 - 12:40 pm

Arrive SHS 7:50-7:55 am



Please bring printed receipt to the front desk to pick-up your booklets. For Annual Passes, please see Ms. Jean-Pierre to get your picture taken to prepare a laminated Annual Pass ID. Annual Pass IDs will be ready for pick up on 8/25. The bus driver will have a check list for the first week of school.

Annual Bus Pass20% Discount off the per student price 2017-2018 academic year
Monthly payment options via PayPal
San Rafael$1,440
Mill Valley/Corte Madera$720
Daily PassesPrice per ticket/20 tickets per bookletPrice per booklet
San Rafael$5$100
Mill Valley/Corte Madera$3$60

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