Hot Lunch Options for 2017-2018

Hot Lunch with Good Earth Natural Foods

  • Family Style Hot Lunch provide by Good Earth
  • Lunch offered on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
  • Weekly choices will include a pasta bar one day, a taco bar on Tuesdays and a soup and sandwich bar on the third day.
  • More information and sign-ups will be available online in August, 2017
  • Good Earth Natural Foods Organic School Lunch Program provides affordable, nutritious and organic lunches prepared locally and served on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Saint Hilary School.



BBQ Wednesdays

  • The 7th & 8th grades offer BBQ lunch on Wednesdays throughout the school year to raise money for their trips to Yosemite (7th) and Ashland, Oregon (8th).
  • Your child will select a hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog or a veggie burger and receive chips and licorice. (Please note: The selection is made for all BBQs, not per BBQ. This system helps us to avoid food waste.)
  • BBQs are purchased for the year, not by the day. If purchased, your child will receive BBQ lunch throughout the year on Wednesdays. (No BBQ will be scheduled on minimum days.)
  • Please send your child to school with a water bottle to fill up in one of the water bottle filling stations. (In an effort to reduce sugar intake and the environmental impact of thousands of cups going into landfill, we will not be serving lemonade.)
Mark your calendar: BBQs will NOT be held on minimum days or on the following full Wednesdays: August 23rd, August 30th, May 30th & June 6th.

Pizza Fridays

  • The 4th & 6th Grades will be hosting Pizza Fridays throughout the year starting on September 8th to raise money for their field trips to Gold Country (4th) and CYO Camp (6th).
  • Your child can select a single slice of cheese or pepperoni, or two slices of cheese, two slices of pepperoni or one of each.* (Please note: The selection is made for all 28 Fridays, not per day.)
  • Waypoint Pizza will be our pizza provider and your child will also receive a piece of fruit or bag of baby carrots. (Please note: Friday lunch slices are regular pizza slices not the enormous size you get if you order a single slice at Waypoint Pizza.)
  • Pizza days are purchased for the year, not by the day.  If purchased, your child will receive pizza lunch on Fridays throughout the year. 
Mark your calendar: Pizza will NOT be served on minimum days or on the following full Fridays: August 25th, September 1st & June 1st.

If you are interested in adding BBQ or Pizza hot lunch please contact Ms. Soledad Jean-Pierre.