• Why does Saint Hilary School need this new space? 

    Our existing space no longer serves our ability to accommodate the various learning modalities, STEAM curriculum, performing arts and religious programs required by our students. It is outdated, immobile and highly inefficient. We need to reinvent our existing real estate to allow our current and future academic, religious and resource programs the space they deserve to serve our students.

  • How much will the newly re-invented space cost? 

    We are raising $3.4 million to cover the project cost projections, provided by an independent third party, including demolition, interior construction, electrical and lighting, furnishings and fixtures, and any last minute change orders that may occur.

  • How will this innovative space be funded?

    We are dependent upon the generosity of our Saint Hilary community to fund 100% of the costs associated with this project.


  • When does the construction work begin? 

    Initial demolition of the front school space is planned for December 2019 — January 2020 holiday season while school is not in session. Of course, this is contingent upon raising 100% of the required funds at the time.

  • When will the new space be completed? 

    The project will take approximately 6-9 months. With a projected year-end 2019 start, we expect to be completed in time for the start of the 2020-21 academic year.


  • How will this construction project affect daily school activities? 

    The school will remain open with certain administrative, educational resources, library, music and extended care housed in trailers in the parking lot. A complete daily activity flow and space analysis is underway now.

  • How will drop off and pick up work during construction?

    During the summer months, we will be reviewing the school's daily activities such as drop off and pick up, front desk, music, library, tinker lab, and extended care. A plan will be put in place as to how these activities will occur and where within the school environment. Some will be conducted in temporary trailers within the parking lot. The plan will be shared with the school community prior to any commencement of construction or any disruption of traffic flows.

  • Will the school be safe for students and staff? 

    Yes, school administration will be working closely with the Contractor to ensure that all construction areas are properly and securely cordoned off from our students. There will be appropriate fencing placed to block the construction site from students, staff, and parents.

  • Will there still be Extended Care? 

    At this time, we plan to offer Extended Care after school although it may be located in a different location within the school. This is part of the school's daily activity review to be conducted this summer.


  • What is the difference between the Capital Campaign and the Angel Fund?

    The Angel Fund is our annual fund, and the Capital Campaign support are distinct but equally important funding purposes that enable Saint Hilary School to fullfill its mission. Simply stated, the Angel Fund provides money to support school operations. A Capital Campaign has a defined lifespan with a beginning and an end_ The Angel Fund is an ongoing, continuing effort. The Capital Campaign is an intensive, multi-year fundraising effort to secure gifts and pledges to support campus improvements that will enhance our Future Ready education.

  • Will this impact our current tuition levels?

    This landmark project is using philanthropy to raise funds with no impact to current tuition levels with the exception of normal annual cost of living adjustments mandated by the Archdiocese of San Francisco from time to time.

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