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Financial Aid/Tuition Assistance

Saint Hilary School Tuition Assistance Options

Saint Hilary leverages all forms of aid available to our families. All families who wish to be considered for financial aid must apply to all three sources: The Saint Hilary Tuition Assistance Fund, The BASIC Fund, and Archdiocesan Family Grants. Each type of aid has its process. Please read the descriptions below carefully:

Saint Hilary Tuition Assistance

Saint Hilary School and Parish offer tuition assistance to families who need some financial assistance because of a change in circumstances. The Financial Assistance Committee looks at each family's needs on a case-by-case basis and awards are based on the assistance budget for the year, as well as the number of families in need. Saint Hilary uses the TADS application in order to review each family's request. Therefore, you must complete the TADS application at in order to be eligible.


You must submit your TADS application at http://www.mytads.comby March 6, 2021, in order to be considered for financial aid for the upcoming school year.

If you need a hard copy, you can request one from TADS.

The BASIC Fund

Each family must also complete the application for The BASIC Fund by March 31, 2021, if the household income meets The BASIC Fund's guidelines. The BASIC Fund is a privately funded program whose mission is to broaden the educational opportunities for students by helping low-income families afford the cost of tuition at private schools in the Bay Area.

The program is available to students entering Kindergarten through Eighth Grade to attend private schools in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma Counties. The program provides scholarships to help families send their children to the private school of their choice. The BASIC Fund scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need.

BASIC Fund is available for new students attending a private school for the first time only. Siblings already attending the school and not receiving the BASIC Fund can be included as long as one student in the family is attending a private school for the first time.

BASIC Fund Application Process

For New Families:

New applicants may begin the application process by visiting the BASIC Fund website and clicking on the new applications link.

For Renewing Families:

You will receive an email in early February 2021 on how to renew directly online. Please note that for renewing families that are applying for a new sibling, you must submit your application by the March 31st deadline.

Telephone: 415.986.5650

Archdiocesan Family Grants

The Archdiocese of San Francisco offers tuition assistance to our families in the Archdiocese on an as-needed-basis. Typically, the Archdiocese awards aid to families with an annual average income of $35,000 or less.

Archdiocesan Application Process

The Archdiocese requires applicants to complete a Financial Aid Assessment through TADS. Please visit the TADS website at and click on "Financial Aid Assessment," to begin the application process. All applications and supporting documentation need to be submitted by April 15, 2021, for the upcoming school year.

Website: Telephone: 800.477.8237

Late applications will NOT be considered. The Archdiocese expects to announce awards to students' families at the end of May.

Please email with any questions.

For details on what to do if your family does not receive the amount of financial assistance, you need to maintain your student's enrollment in the school, please contact Dr. Marie Bordeleau, principal, to discuss other financial assistance opportunities.

Further Tuition Assistance/Scholarship Program

To apply for tuition assistance for the balance remaining AFTER awards from the BASIC Fund and Archdiocesan Family Grants, please complete the following Saint Hilary School Tuition Assistance Form attached and submit to Dr. Marie Bordeleau at The Saint Hilary Scholarship Committee will review the application submitted by mid-April and send award information to recipient families by late April.

Tuition Assistance Application

If you have questions regarding Saint Hilary's Scholarship program and would like to apply for assistance from any of these funds, please contact Dr. Marie Bordeleau, Principal at or 415-435-2224.