Parent Advisory Board

The role of the Parent Advisory Board, as outlined in the bylaws, is to be an advisory board to the Pastor and the Principal of Saint Hilary School. The areas in which the Board has advisory responsibility are Admission Policy, Public Relations, Finance and Budget Issues, Maintenance, Technology, Fund Raising/Development and Long Range Planning. In addition, the Board consults with the Principal on long-term planning concerning curriculum and staffing needs as they relate to the financial impact on the school. As we set our goals each year, we use the three main tenets of the school as our guiding principles – excellence, spirituality and community. Following the school's Long Term Strategic Plan which is a blueprint for academic excellence, modern and maintained infrastructure and facilities and financial security, the goals for 2017-2018 are:

  • Cultivate a Full Engagement Community: aim for 100% participation from parents in the Angel Fund, our Annual Auction and in the fulfillment of volunteer hours.
  • Market for Full Enrollment
  • Execute our Technology Plan: integrate technology into the classrooms as an effective educational tool.
  • Engage the Community: employ Parent Teacher Task Forces to support school initiatives.
  • Celebrate the School and Parish as one community.

For direct inquiries to Parent Advisory Board, please email:

AngellaKriens1st grade
ChrisHesson3rd grade
MikeFaustVice President, 5th grade
PatHigby2nd grade
PatySunderland8th grade
ScottSamuel6th grade
TomHodapp4th grade
ToryO’Keefe7th grade