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Project Overview

Leading the way with the latest science on optimal student experiences, Saint Hilary will transform the current front office, library, music room, extended care, and faculty lounge footprint into an open multi-purpose flexible learning space. This innovative change to the Saint Hilary campus is focused on creating several large studio-like spaces that will house moveable glass walls and furniture, soundproof study pods, fixtures, and ample storage.

  • The new Learning and Media Center will become the centerpiece of our school consisting of a new library, a Language and Media room and a Specialized Learning Resource room.
  • The music room will be re-engineered into a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Facility to host music and drama classes, and performances.
  • A new dedicated Makerspace will house all computers, 3D printers, laser cutters and other items supporting our pre-engineering programs. This space will also serve as the hub for our Extended Care program.
  • A reconfigured front office space will house the school Office Manager, a rest area for ill students, plus new administrative offices.
  • Faculty who are housed in small closet-like spaces, or behind the stage of the music room, or in library cubicles will have their own professional workspaces.

The project also includes installing a variety of safety and energy conserving measures to provide a secure and energy efficient campus for students, faculty and staff.