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“Since the founding of Saint Hilary School, we endeavored to offer students a rigorous curriculum that challenges their hearts, minds, and souls. To continue that tradition into the 21st Century we strive to offer immersive, adaptive, experiential, and creative learning opportunities that honor the students’ unique needs. To meet this necessity, the creation of new space is imperative. This re-engineered space allows students to learn both the fundamentals of reading, writing and math while also embracing new innovative programs like robotics, coding and media literacy.” - Marie Bordeleau, Principal

Saint Hilary’s vision is to reimagine the use and efficiency of our existing real estate and turn it into an open, flexible space that expands and contracts based on the curriculum and lessons plans of the day. Our students will benefit from creating spaces that help them develop the skills that are necessary to thrive in today’s changing educational and workplace environment. Our educators will benefit from having facilities that allow them to teach to various learning modalities.