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About Us

Saint Hilary School is a compassionate, innovative, and future-ready Catholic K-8 School. Each of these guiding principles supports our “whole child” educational approach and philosophy.

Located on a beautiful site overlooking the San Francisco Bay, in Tiburon, California, the Saint Hilary School campus offers a safe, protective environment for students.

At Saint Hilary School, we pursue academic excellence through a challenging and engaging curriculum that produces a measurable record of achievement; our graduating classes consistently rank within the top 10% nationally in math and language arts, two of the critical areas measured by the national standardized Renaissance Star Testing of Basic Language Arts and Mathematics. The fact that our students test well above the national average in all Renaissance areas is a testament to the dedication of our students, families and teachers.

We augment our students’ experience by developing and nurturing a vibrant, fully engaged community around students and their parents, teachers, and families, as well as the larger Saint Hilary Parish.

Through religious education, our students gain exposure to additional growth opportunities as they learn about the Catholic faith and develop their own unique relationship with God.

No matter the age or the grade level at which they joined us, our Grade 8 students take the stage at graduation as young people nearing adulthood who have knowledge of self, of social responsibility, and moreover, a passion for learning.