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Altar Service /Choir

Altar Service

Altar servers, play an important role in the celebration of Holy Mass, and are a valuable asset to the priest and the parish community. Altar servers will benefit from:

  • Love of the Liturgy – In committing to Altar Server duties, servers truly participate in the Eucharist. They learn the order of the Mass, the aspects of the sanctuary, and the various altar vessels used in the Mass.
  • Service to the Community – Through Altar Serving roles, servers contribute to the Body of Christ present in our parish. They learn that each area of ministry in the Mass is vital, from the greeters to the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. They see their role as essential and learn the importance of both commitment and of service to others.
  • Healthy Relationships with Clergy –Through Altar Serving, Altar servers have frequent interactions with our priests in a positive environment. If they are called to a priestly vocation, Altar Serving will surely be a fundamental step in their journey. If they are called to family life, their experience as servers will help them to foster a love of our faith in their own children.

Children in Grade 3 and older are invited to consider becoming an altar server for Saint Hilary Parish. Parents should please check with Ms. Diana Rittenhouse, Parish Secretary, about the responsibilities, scheduling, training, etc.

Contact: Diana Rittenhouse at or 415. 937.5524

Youth Choir

For our aspiring singers, the Saint Hilary Children’s Choir is open to students in Grades 3 through 8. Led by Pamela Carey, our Music Director, this group rehearses once per week during the school day. These students will develop vocal technique, work on ear training and sight singing. Students learn to sing both independently and with others with an emphasis on pitch, rhythm, appropriate timbre, diction, and posture while maintaining a steady tempo. The Choir performs at school events, school masses and other community functions.

Students are encouraged to join the Saint Hilary Parish Children's choir to sing for the 9:00 am Sunday Liturgy twice a month, plus at masses for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Contact: Pamela Carey at