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Parent Advisory Board

The PAB exists to advise and support Principal Bordeleau and Father Roger Gustafson on the strategic direction and operation of Saint Hilary School.

Involvement and support by Saint Hilary parents make this the vibrant, joyful place our children love to be. We have much to be proud of: Saint Hilary nurtures and challenges its students in academics, faith, music, sports, art, and culture. And all that happens on a campus that is surely one of the most beautiful spots in the Bay Area, with an amazing faculty and staff who are truly dedicated to the success of our children. All parents are welcome to attend PAB meetings which are typically scheduled on the second Wednesday of the month.

For direct inquiries to Parent Advisory Board, please email:

Name Title
Janie Rockett President
Jill Coyle Vice President
Sinead Broughton Secretary, 2nd Grade Liaison
Aimee Arda KIndergarten Liaison
Cody Nenadal 1st Grade Liaison
Hector Calderon
3rd Grade Liaison
Kellie Turturicci
4th Grade Liaison
Dave Reale
5th Grade Liaison
Charles Zewe6th Grade Liaison
Kristin Higby
7th Grade Liaison
Jill Coyle
8th Grade Liaison
Amy WuSpecial Assignment - School Mission

2023-2024 Meeting Schedule:

All meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. Location Saint Hilary School


August 30

September 20

October 18

November 15


January 17

February 21

March 20

April 17

May 15