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As a Parish School, our spirituality makes us unique. The moral and character development of our students is an integral part of our education. Beyond being strong academically, we pride ourselves on the types of young people that Saint Hilary students become. Over the course of time that a child attends Saint Hilary, we help to establish a solid foundation built on compassion, love, and justice that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

It would be impossible to call an education “whole-child” without addressing the spiritual needs of a student. Where other schools look to bring in an external character development program to address student needs, Saint Hilary was built to help guide young people on their spiritual journey.

All of our students, from all faiths, participate in individual class liturgies and celebrations and spiritual retreats, as well as daily prayer. Our daily religion classes offer a time during the day to learn about and cultivate the students’ spiritual development. The school calendar features host grades for Thursday and Sunday masses, as well as a number of all school masses. For Catholic students, Grade 2 is the year they prepare for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and Eucharist and in Grade 8, they participate in Confirmation.

Working in conjunction with parents as the primary educators, our teachers and staff are proud to help students learn and grow in all aspects of life. It is the spiritual, emotional, and social growth, however, that ultimately helps the students to become the moral and just young adults of the future.