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An engaging and creative, child-centered curriculum

Students five years old by September 1st may enter Kindergarten. Guided by three teachers, our curriculum focuses on whole-child development. Stories, poetry, songs, and class discussions are part of a Language Arts Curriculum that includes the introduction to Writing Centers, Letter Books, Dictation, and Journal Writing.

Small group instruction ensures successful development of math skills such as numeration, patterns and functions, time, money, and measurement. Science is explored through field trips and class projects, including growing vegetables in Saint Hilary’s Secret Garden! Kindergarteners begin Spanish classes, are introduced to computers, and participate in a strong physical education program. The children study rudimentary music with a focus on rhythm and movement, and participate in school concerts and assemblies. This early exposure to performing in front of a supportive school-wide audience is an introduction to the public speaking core curriculum component that encourages poise and self-confidence.

Students also are introduced to faith through prayer, church attendance, and a course study based on God’s love and the development of compassion and respect for self and others.