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Service Learning

“…for it is in giving that we receive…”
From the prayer of St. Francis

Community Service is an integral part of the curriculum, involving every student at Saint Hilary School. Among the many service opportunities, students meet with homebound seniors, participate in food drives at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and support local families during the holidays through the Giving Tree.

We also have specific grade level service projects. As an example, Kindergarten is in charge of the small yard clean up, Grades 1 and 5 maintain Biasotti Garden, Grades 2 and 6 help host the monthly Senior Lunch. Grade 3 monitors the school’s Lost and Found by periodically dispersing items back to their owners and keeping the bin tidy, Grade 4 has an important job as the school’s Safety Patrol, and Grade 7 helps daily with the hot lunch distribution. Grade 8 students are involved in multiple service projects throughout the school, and are able to fulfill their Junior High service hour requirement through various parish, school and community initiatives.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Give Some Get Some (GSGS) spiritual service club, planning activities that contribute to the betterment of the school and the greater community.

Get Some, Give Some (GSGS)

Led by three teacher moderators, this group is helping others on both the international and local levels: sending clothing to families in Cambodia, pencils/books to children in Africa, money through Mercy Beyond Borders to young girls who are now able to attend school in South Sudan, books/school supplies to students in Central America through the Fabretto Foundation in Nicaragua and to students in a small town in the high sierras of Peru. Locally, our students tutor underserved children in the Canal district of San Rafael, sing in nursing homes, host soup suppers, and serve dinner to and collect supplies for homeless in Marin County. They help with the monthly Parish Senior Luncheon and make cards/prayer baskets for those in need.