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Extended Care

While it is our intention to offer our normal extended care program this 2021-22 school year as described below, we have not received guidance from public health officials at this time. Please review back to this page for more information in August.

Saint Hilary School recognizes the time demands on parents and realizes the importance of offering a safe and conducive Extended Day Care option.

Extended Care is available for all students, Kindergarten through Grade 8 after school.

Kindergarten: 2:00 PM to 6:00 P.M.

Grades 1-8: 3:05 PM to 6:00 PM

Time is set aside in the afternoon for students to work on classroom assignments, with Extended Day Care Staff overseeing the Homework Club. They can also assist with matching a child with an older student tutor. Additionally, private tutoring by a teacher may be available.

The conduct and courtesy expected of Saint Hilary School students continue in the Extended Care program. As a member of the Saint Hilary School community, children respect the staff, one another, the materials, and the facilities, and abide by all school rules. They do not leave the buildings or grounds without the explicit permission of the staff of Extended Care, with such permission is only granted by the order of the parent or guardian.

Extended Day Care is offered at $10.00 an hour per child.

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Phone number is 415-435-2224 x5533.