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Volunteer Program

As Saint Hilary parents, you play an important role in fulfilling the school’s mission statement. Your energy, creativity and talents given through your volunteer time are the necessary ingredients to make our children’s educational experience the best it can be. There are many fun ways available to meet your volunteer commitment, both in the classroom and for the larger Saint Hilary community. Look for room parent communication and volunteer opportunities in the school newsletter, and on Track It Forward system to stay up-to-date with volunteer needs throughout the year.

Annual Requirement:

  • Families with children in grades K-8 are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of service to Saint Hilary School during the school year.
  • For single parent families, the requirement is 20 hours.
  • All volunteer opportunities are placed on Track It Forward so it is easy for families to find and sign up for volunteer hours!

Hours must be completed and recorded in the Track it Forward system by June 1 of the current school year. Unmet service hours will be billed at $25 an hour at the end of the school year. For graduating 8th grade families, hours must be recorded and fees paid prior to graduation.

Track It Forward

Events Calendar

Terms and Conditions

Volunteers are required to complete a criminal background check (Live Scan) and a Child Protection class (Virtus) prior to interacting with students. Live Scan is a fingerprinting method used by law enforcement agencies and private facilities to scan, process and file finger and palm prints electronically. Virtus is a 90 minute online class through The class provides volunteers with information, awareness and vigilance around signs of a child in crisis or abuse.

  1. Background Check (Fingerprinting) - Please go online to schedule your Live Scan fingerprinting at one of the school authorized website location. Live Scan can be completed at any UPS store (drop-in), any local police station (by appointment only) and the Marin County Sheriff's office (by appointment only). Please download Live Scan document here.
  2. Child Protection Class (Virtus) - Please go to to complete the class. Create an account and complete the class "Protecting God's Children" for adults. The school administration is alerted when you have completed the course successfully. Virtus training must be completed every 3 years.

Signing Up and Logging Volunteer Hours

Parents may go to Track it Forward to find the latest SHS volunteer opportunities. Each family is responsible for tracking their own family volunteer hours. Please log your hours EACH time you volunteer by logging into your Track It Forward account and adding volunteer hours under the Family Information > Service Hours. Please be sure to log your hours as you serve them or as you move through the year for a more accurate accounting of total hours contributed at the end of each school year.

Please note that Track it Forward accounts are generally set up as one account per family for two parents living within the same household (often under the mother's email address). We ask that spouses either share their login information or log hours for the family as a whole. If you have problems accessing your Track it Forward account, or prefer to have the account assigned to a different email, please contact Suzanne Henry at

If you have any questions or suggestions about the program, feel free to contact TPA Presidents, Emily Cooper or Anne Cambria at