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Curriculum and Programs

Our academic program is challenging, engaging, and strives to inspire a life-long love of learning in our students.

Our core curriculum includes Language Arts, Social Studies, Religion, Math and Science, and specialty classes in Spanish, Music, Studio Art and Physical Education.

At Saint Hilary School, a community of teachers, assistants, specialists, and administrators provides a small student/teacher ratio, which allows for dedicated attention throughout the day.

More than a third of our talented staff have Masters Degrees, and all of our core curriculum teachers are accredited. Our teachers actively participate in ongoing professional development.

Working to ensure success for each student’s capabilities, we facilitate support services and modify and differentiate curriculum as necessary. In addition to our full-time Resource Specialist, a full-time Reading Specialist is available to students and their families. We are also able to coordinate and host the services of an Education Therapist for private, one-on-one occupational care, as well as a Family Counselor who is on our campus twice a week.