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Tigers' Parent Association

SHS Tigers

The Saint Hilary School community celebrates full parent engagement throughout the year, with many community events and activities facilitated by the Tigers' Parent Association. The Tigers' Parent Association's primary purpose is to build community and develop effective fundraising events. This means every Saint Hilary parent is a member of the Tigers' Parent Association. Please feel free to stop by and visit any of our scheduled meetings.

Among our many annual events include Grandparents Day, Blessing of the Pets, Mother-Son Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, and Teacher Appreciation Events. Additionally, the Parent Guild facilitates fundraising activities including the Annual Auction, Book Fair, and eScrip.

The Tigers' Parent Association annually elects five board positions and appoints numerous chair positions. The Tiger's Parent Association Board is also available to answer questions about school events and they serve as liaisons between new families and existing school family members. Look for TPA meetings, events, and social functions in the school calendar. So, don’t be a stranger! Come and join us at any time!

Questions? Please contact: or

TPA Goals:

  • Promoting and supporting Saint Hilary School's academic goals.
  • Generating financial support for Saint Hilary School (Annual Auction, Book Fair, Hot Lunch, Afternoon Electives, EScrip, and more). Last year, including the combined fundraisers of TPA and Angel Fund, we collectively raised over $500,000!
  • Facilitating a volunteer network that allows each family to select how they will fulfill their required service hours: 40 hours/two-parent and 20 hours/single-parent families. Our Parent Guild pamphlet describes the many volunteer opportunities.
  • Fostering Christian values, community spirit, and sociability among families.
  • Enhancing communication between parents, administration, faculty, and parish.

Tiger's Parent Association 2021-22

Title Name
Co-Presidents Emily Issadore and Kellie Turturici
Vice President N/A
Secretary Emma Reilly
Treasurer Kris Roberts
Ex Officio Advisor Elizabeth Hang and Amy Wu
Ambassador Families Oxana Soloviev and Celina Tomori
Auction Gala Jill Coyle, Kristin Higby and Amy Wu
Beach Clean Up Alexia Cloutier
Blessing of the Pets Chelsea Schlunt
Book Fair Angella Kriens, Emily Issadore and Amy Wu
Community Coffee Luis Lagos and Shelley Amoroso-Lagos
Electives School Administration
Escrip/Fringe Fundraising Joslyn Faust
Father-Daughter Event Geno La Placa, Sara Reedy and Amie Stanley
Fund A Need Implementation Wes and Kris MacLaggan
Fun Run Kimmy Popjevalo and Casen Splain
Grandparents/VIP Day Aimee Arda, Kristin MacLaggan and Emma Reilly
Halloween/Pumpkin Decorating Cassandra McEnery, Emma Reilly and Kellie Turturici
Hospitality for Play TBD
Hot Fund Kelly Graziadei and Sue Reale
Hot Lunch Coordinator Ty Duxbury
Mother-Son Event Christina Bosch and Erica Boznanski
Pizza Coordinator Chelsea Schlunt
Room Parent Coordinator Erica Boznanski
Service Hours/Track It Forward Kristen Williams and Bryan Lin (Tech)
Spirit Wear Petra Mojabi and Lindsay Regan
Teacher Appreciation Erica Boznanski and Elizabeth Hang
Uniform Exchange Thanya Jirangpitakkul and Kristen Williams
Yearbook Kris Roberts and Alexis Sabow

Room Parents

Grade Class Parents
Kindergarten Michelle Connolly Bright, Shelley Amoroso-Lagos, Sue Reale
1st Grade Ashley Calderon, Megan Edwards
2nd Grade Emily Cooper, Angella Kriens
3rd Grade Aimee Arda, Amie Stanley
4th Grade Sophia Boutilier, Heather Thanos
5th Grade Camilla Burraston, Chi Kroeker
6th Grade Sinead Broughton, Theresa Hesson
7th Grade Tina Setzer, Laura Haslem
8th Grade Alice Grisez, Paula Pitcher

Tigers' Parent Association Events

2021 – 2022 Events

Date Event
August 20 Ambassador Family Picnic
August 23 Back to School Coffee
August 23 Back to School Ice Cream Social
September 18 Beach Clean Up (5-8)
October 4 Blessing of the Pets
October 15 Father-Daughter Event
October 25-29 Halloween/Pumpkin Contest
November 5 Mother-Son Event
March 1 Fun Run
March 13-18 Book Fair
March 18 Grandparents /VIP Day
April 9 Auction Gala and Fundraiser
April 13-14 Fun Run
May 14 Beach Clean-up (K-4)
June 10 End of School Ice Cream Social