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Welcome from our Pastor

Welcome and thank you for considering Saint Hilary School for your child. As pastor of Saint Hilary Parish, I am proud that we have a parochial school that supports students on their spiritual journey and building their relationship with Jesus. Our Catholic identity and mission are integrated into every aspect of our curriculum and student life. We provide an engaging and comprehensive academic program grounded in Catholic teachings.

Students have daily religion classes, pause for prayer throughout their day and work to live the teachings of Jesus every day. Living the Gospel and acting as Jesus’ disciples is demonstrated throughout the campus by students, staff, and families. Saint Hilary fosters the Catholic faith that gives meaning and direction to life, challenges, and guides our students to pursue academic excellence and instills in them a spirit of service to God and others.

As pastor of Saint Hilary Parish, I enjoy being an integral part of the school community, being present on campus, and providing instruction about the Catholic faith. I enjoy partaking in key events such as weekly Mass, Blessing of the Pets, sacramental instruction, and community service with our students. For me, teaching the gospel message of Jesus to our students develops a school community steeped in love, peace, respect, and service to others.

Your child’s religious and academic education is important to us. Come and see what Saint Hilary School offers to our community.

May God bless you and your family.

Fr. Roger Gustafson

Fr. Roger Gustafson
Pastor, Saint Hilary Parish

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