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Student Learning Expectations

Saint Hilary School Philosophy: Saint Hilary School is a community of faith which encourages and supports the role of parents as the primary educators of children. It is the joint responsibility of students, teachers, and parents to make Saint Hilary a faith-filled community where the purpose of education, helping students reach their potential, is enlivened by a Gospel spirit of charity.

We affirm that Catholic education encompasses the whole of human life: spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, cultural, psychological, physical, and social.

Saint Hilary School fosters and provides for the growth of the whole person based on Christian values in all of these areas to the children under its care. Graduates are educated to recognize the need to pursue lifelong learning and to seek to acquire adult perspectives of Catholic principles and values so that they can become contributing members of family, Parish, civic community, and society.

Our Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) represent the type of person we hope our students will become as a result of the knowledge, guidance, and support that we provide. The following goals remind us that we are not only blessed with an opportunity to educate our students, but to nurture citizens of our community and our world.

Saint Hilary School Student Learning Expectations (TIGERs)

Saint Hilary students are:

True Christians who:

  • Demonstrate Christian values in daily life
  • Develop a relationship with God through prayer
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of each individual
  • Possess knowledge of church teachings and participate in liturgical celebrations

Inspired Learners who:

  • Recognize and share their knowledge and talents
  • Work independently and cooperatively
  • Are curious and enthusiastic self-starters
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Analyze alternatives in making informed, effective, and moral choices

Goal Setters and Achievers who:

  • Set goals and evaluate progress
  • Apply knowledge
  • Persist in tasks
  • Demonstrate a strong foundation in the basics of all curricular areas
  • Use study and research skills effectively

Effective Communicators who:

  • Are confident, poised speakers
  • Communicate clearly both orally and in writing
  • Are active listeners who show respect for the opinions of others
  • Effectively use technology to expand their knowledge and to communicate
  • Understand music, art, and drama as forms of communication

Responsible Citizens who:

  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Understand the basic civic responsibilities of a citizen
  • Are actively involved in the parish/school and larger community
  • Are aware of global issues
  • Appreciate cultural diversity