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Saint Hilary School Uniforms

School Uniform Regulations

The Saint Hilary School Uniform and Dress Code requires that students keep themselves well-groomed, modest, neat and clean. All students must be in uniform every day. If there is a time when the prescribed uniform cannot be worn, a note from the parent/guardian must be written to the Principal. Special Free Dress days will be announced during the course of the school year. (A dress code for such days is included in this section.)

Not Permitted
BOYS Uniform Options Grades
K-7 8
White, Gray or Navy Polo (short or long sleeve)
School Logo V-Neck Sweater (Red, Gray, or Navy)
School Logo Sweatshirt (Red, Gray, or Navy)
Navy Pants (No cargo)
Navy Shorts (No cargo)
Khaki Pants (No cargo)
Khaki Shorts (No cargo)
8th Grade Sweatshirt
Belt (Black, blue, or brown)
Shoes (Black, blue, gray, white, red) Solid colors w/same colored laces. No bright, neon colors
Grades 6-8 PE Red Shorts w/SHS or CYO logo, Navy T-shirt w/SHS logo and Navy, Red or Grey elastic ankle Sweatpants
GIRLS Uniform Options Grades
K-3 4-7 8
White, Gray, or Navy Polo (short or long sleeve)
Uniform Plaid Jumper
School Logo Sweatshirt (Red, Gray, or Navy)
School Logo Cardigan (Red, Gray, or Navy)
8th Grade Sweatshirt
Uniform Plaid Skirt
Navy Skirt
Navy Short
Navy Pants
Khaki Skirt
Khaki Skort (Khaki Skort is no longer an option for 8th grade girls.)
Khaki Pants
Khaki Short
Grades 6-8 PE Red Shorts with SHS or CYO logo, Navy T-shirt with SHS logo, and Navy, Red or Grey elastic non-ankle Sweatpants
Additional Optional Clothing
Navy Rain Jacket
Navy Zipper Fleece
Saint Hilary Spirit Gear and CYO Sweatshirts (Worn on Fridays Only!)

Full Dress Uniform

Liturgy days and special occasions require more formal attire than regular school days. The following wardrobe items are required for these occasions:

  • Boys: Sweater, Long Pants, (Shorts are not permitted.)
  • Girls: Sweater, Plaid Jumper, Skirt or Skort. 8th Grade girls are NOT permitted to wear the khaki skort.

Uniform Regulation Notes

  1. Boys’ and Girls’ pants must touch the top of the shoe in front and back and may not have worn or tattered hems
  2. Caps/Hats, neck or head scarves may be worn on the playground but not in the classroom or the gym.
  3. Jackets/vests may be worn in cold weather OVER the sweatshirt, but not in its place.
  4. Oversized or baggy shorts or pants are not permitted.
  5. Sweatshirts, coats and lunches must be clearly marked with the full name and grade of the student.
  6. Girls skirt length: Girls skirt length should be no more than one inch above the knee. Please adjust skirt length as children grow throughout a school year.

Free Dress Days Guidelines

On Special Occasions, Free Dress days will be allowed. Dress code regulations will be announced by the school for a special event. Often this will be a “spirit day” that the Student Council is sponsoring. Boys and girls can wear clean, presentable pants, jeans or t-shirts. No underwear may be visible. T-shirts must have sleeves and be of an appropriate size to the student. No bare shoulders, partial bare shoulders, or spaghetti straps are allowed. Shorts may be worn provided they are the length of walking shorts. Shoes must be appropriate for outdoor play.

Non-uniform dress is regarded as a privilege and therefore, students are expected to dress appropriately. Styles that are extreme, sloppy, or in poor taste are not allowed. The decision of the Principal as to what is acceptable for any student is final. Those students in violation will be asked to call home for acceptable dress or will be sent home.

Personal Grooming

  • Students are expected to be neat and clean. Hair must be neat and a natural color (not dyed, rinsed, highlighted, bleached, or streaked). Boys’ hair must be above the shirt collar in the back and no longer than the middle of the ear and forehead. No student may wear make-up to school. Only clear nail polish is permitted.
  • Jewelry guidelines: Girls may wear post earrings (one in each ear lobe only); dangling earrings are not permitted. Necklaces must be religious in nature. One watch may be worn. The only approved bracelets are the authentic “cause” bracelets, such as Live Strong, etc. No more than three “cause” bracelets may be worn. Ankle jewelry is not acceptable.



School Uniform Purchase Program

You may purchase Saint Hilary School uniforms in two ways:

Free Uniform Exchange Program: Families with students who have either graduated or outgrown their uniforms donate gently used and laundered items in good condition so that others may use them. We simply ask that families leave what they can and take what they need. Please contact Ann Vano

Lands' End Program: Saint Hilary families may purchase school uniforms, including clothing with SHS logo, from Lands’ End. You can enter either the school name or SHS school code, 900153057. Saint Hilary will receive a percentage of all uniform purchases when you set up an account.

Please be sure to put your child’s name on all clothing, even jumpers and shirts/blouses. Help keep our Lost and Found box empty!

TIP: Clothing labels can be purchased at

Ideal uniform options for Girls grades 4-7 and Boys grades 3-7:

Ideal uniform for girlUniform Ideal Boy