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Our collection includes more than 10,000 volumes, featuring a wide-range of reference materials, and an ever-growing fiction collection that serves students from Kindergarten through Grade 8. Our collection is continually reviewed and updated to ensure that it provides current and relevant materials. Our library catalog is automated and is available on multiple computers in the library, as well as accessed through computers in and iPads in each classroom.

Our library is open Monday through Friday from 8-3. The librarian is here to work with students from 8-12 on those days. Students may also use the library for classroom projects and research at any time with teacher supervision.

Celebration Book Club Program

The Celebration Book Club Program helps fund new additions to the school collection. Families donate a book or funds to purchase books in honor of their child’s birthday or other special occasion. The Celebration Book Club features a nameplate with the student’s name and date.