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Religion is one of the pillars of our whole child academic approach. Each day our students participate in prayer and religious instruction, studying the traditions and practices of the Catholic faith.

The Religion curriculum is presented through a combination of readings from the Bible and from textbooks, including Blessed Are We and Call To Faith. For our Catholic students, Grade 2 is the year they prepare for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and Eucharist. These students then participate in Confirmation and a class retreat in Grade 8. At each grade, the religious teachings become increasingly complex. By Middle School, students have an added component to the curriculum that we call Family Life.

Religion classes are a welcome time in each the day for our students and teachers to reflect and connect as a community. In all grades students are encouraged to be stewards of God’s creation by participating in age appropriate activities that promote social justice and action.

Though we formally teach about Catholicism, many of our students are not Catholic, thus allowing our community a diversity of faith and an awareness of other religions that is strengthened in many curricular areas during a student’s time at Saint Hilary.