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Bus Costs

Bus Pass Options

  • Annual Bus Pass -- 20% Discount
  • Daily Book of Tickets (20 tickets per book)
Annual Bus Pass
San Rafael $1,440
Mill Valley/Corte Madera $720
Tiburon $360
Daily PassesPrice per ticket/20 tickets per bookletPrice per booklet
San Rafael $5 $100
Mill Valley Corte Madera $3 $60
Tiburon $2 $40

Please bring printed receipt to the front desk to pick-up your booklets. For annual passes, see Mrs. Cort. The bus driver will check the lists each morning for your name.

Acknowledgement of Parent Responsibility:

Parents are advised to take common sense precautions when contracting with the bus service.

  • For younger students, always accompany your child to the curb when boarding and meeting the bus.
  • The bus driver does not wait for a parent or guardian to meet their child at the assigned bus stop. Please prepare for back up plans in case you cannot meet your child on time at the drop off stop. In the event of emergencies, please contact the school principal to communicate with the bus service.
  • Students are expected to always listen to and follow all directions from the bus driver.
  • Students are expected to be courteous, polite, and use proper language at all times.
  • The driver will allow for 3-5 minutes boarding time. If you miss the boarding time, it is the parent's responsibilty to get the child to school on time.