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Our Faculty & Staff

Saint Hilary School faculty and staff is a community of ardent learners. Our teachers are dedicated to our students; have a passion for education; and continually improve their skills by keeping up on the latest research for lower and upper elementary and middle school trends.

Each of Saint Hilary School’s Core Teachers have achieved their teacher credentials, with 40% of our teachers having earned their Master's Degree or doctorate. A majority of the classroom aides are also credentialed. The Saint Hilary faculty is experienced with an average number of years teaching of 15 years. A small teacher to student ratio of 9:1 allows for dedicated, individual attention for students throughout the day. Many of our teachers have received teaching awards, including the entire Saint Hilary faculty receiving the 2021 Tiburon Teacher of the Year award.

As a professional learning community, Saint Hilary School is committed to supporting our teachers’ ongoing professional development. The Teachers Education Fund was established in 2009 to provide financial help for our academic leaders to participate in everything from advanced degrees to one-day intensive seminars. Through this parent-supported fund, our academic staff is able to stay current in best practices, to the benefit of the student learning experience.

2022-23 Saint Hilary School Faculty Members

School Administration

Father Roger Gustafson
Father Roger Gustafson Pastor
Dr. Marie Bordeleau
Dr. Marie Bordeleau Principal
Mrs. Fiona Britten
Mrs. Fiona Britten Front Desk
Ms. Karol Towns
Ms. Karol Towns Operations Manager
Ms. Lidiette Ratiani
Ms. Lidiette Ratiani Director of Marketing and Advancement
Mrs. Betsy Shelton
Mrs. Betsy Shelton Admissions Counselor and Learning Data Analyst
Mrs. Suzanne Henry
Mrs. Suzanne Henry Database Manager, Advancement and Admissions Assistant
Mr. Kevin Finn
Mr. Kevin Finn Health & Safety Director/Athletic Director/CYO Coordinator
Mr. Mike Ratiani
Mr. Mike Ratiani Facilities and Technology Co-Director
Ms. Desiree Vaughn
Ms. Desiree Vaughn IT Coordinator

Homeroom Teachers

Mrs. Jen Drazina
Mrs. Jen Drazina Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Jennifer Ferrari
Ms. Jennifer Ferrari Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Claire Lanza
Ms. Claire Lanza Kindergarten Associate Teacher
Ms. Erika Blitzer
Ms. Erika Blitzer Kindergarten Aide
Ms. Sara Dalton
Ms. Sara Dalton 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Jessica Zeidler
Ms. Jessica Zeidler 1st Grade Aide
Mr. Bobby Lambert
Mr. Bobby Lambert 2nd Grade Teacher/Dean of Students K - 4
Ms. Annie Murdoch
Ms. Annie Murdoch 2nd Grade Associate Teacher
Mrs. Jemma Choi
Mrs. Jemma Choi 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Elizabeth Guagenti
Ms. Elizabeth Guagenti 3rd Grade Aide
Ms. Lauren Fee
Ms. Lauren Fee 4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Ana Lisa Lemos
Mrs. Ana Lisa Lemos 4th Grade Aide
Mr. Michael Bronson
Mr. Michael Bronson 5th Grade Teacher
Mr. Ben Campbell
Mr. Ben Campbell 6th Grade Teacher
Mr. Doug Lum
Mr. Doug Lum 7th Grade Teacher/PE 7-8
Mrs. Jawanda Smart
Mrs. Jawanda Smart 8th Grade Teacher/Dean of Students 5-8
Mrs. Mary Beth Todd
Mrs. Mary Beth Todd Junior High Aide

Specialty Teachers

Mrs. Claire De Biasio
Mrs. Claire De Biasio Math Teacher, 5th – 8th Grades
Ms. Kelly Norman
Ms. Kelly Norman Math Aide (5th - 8th)
Ms. Caitriona McOsker
Ms. Caitriona McOsker Science Teacher 1st - 4th Grades
Ms. Katie Kohnowich
Ms. Katie Kohnowich Science Teacher 5th - 8th Grades
Mr. Christian Ioakimedes
Mr. Christian Ioakimedes Spanish Teacher All Grades
Mrs. Lisa Veto
Mrs. Lisa Veto Director of Religious Education & Librarian
Ms. Erin Turner
Ms. Erin Turner MakerSpace Education Teacher
Dr. Chyah Weitzman
Dr. Chyah Weitzman Art Teacher, 1st - 8th Grades
Mrs. Pamela Faw
Mrs. Pamela Faw Music Teacher
Mr. Andy Johnson
Mr. Andy Johnson PE Teacher 1st - 6th Grades

Student Support Services

Ms. Victoria Delzeith
Ms. Victoria Delzeith Director of Student Support Services
Mrs. Nathalie Snyder
Mrs. Nathalie Snyder Resource Specialist
Ms. Janice Richey
Ms. Janice Richey Resource Specialist
Mrs. Karin Zeidler
Mrs. Karin Zeidler Learning Specialist 1st -4th Grade
Ms. Amanda Throckmorton
Ms. Amanda Throckmorton School Counselor
Ms. Oralia Staton
Ms. Oralia Staton SEL Teacher
Mrs. Maureen Kibak
Mrs. Maureen Kibak Enrichment Teacher, 1st - 4th Grades

Extended Care

Ms. KiKi Stewart
Ms. KiKi Stewart Extended Care/Flex Staff
Mr. Kris Nahqunst
Mr. Kris Nahqunst Extended Care